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Recent Winners

Image of Amanda Skalsky

Amanda Skalsky

Cottage Grove, MN

“I'm very excited to continue my schooling. Due to finances, I dropped out at the end of my first quarter. With this scholarship, I'm able to return to get my Bachelors. Going back to school means my husband and I can better provide for our children in the”

Image of David Furlong

David Furlong

Cincinnati, OH

“I was in shock when I received the call informing me that I won the scholarship. I read about individuals winning contests such as this all the time, however never expected I would be that lucky person!”

Image of Dakota Stammen

Dakota Stammen

Wapakoneta, OH

“I didn’t think my chances of winning were very high, I was thrilled when I received a phone call and an email informing me that I was the chosen winner of the $10,000 Scholarship.”

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Image of Rebecca Cairns

Rebecca Cairns

Bullock, NC

“I work hard with a full time job, raising three kids, taking care of our home, and trying to further myself with my studies. It was a big surprise to hear that I won the scholarship. I am very excited and I look forward to using the $10,000 to complete my”

Image of Amber Sweetland

Amber Sweetland

Coolidge, AZ

“With this scholarship I will be able to set an example for my children in higher education.”

Image of Angel Meade

Angel Meade

Esmont, VA

“Many of you all know paying for college is very difficult! I put my name in the drawing for the heck of it, not actually thinking I would win and believe it or not I did. I couldn't be more blessed enough to have this opportunity!”

Image of Lora Peterson

Lora Peterson

Nampa, ID

“All the money I get from you will be going to my school. This will bring down the bill down for me. This will be one less thing to stress or worry about.”

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